Agrofert Group

For over 20 years, AGROFERT has established itself in the fields of chemistry, food, agriculture, land mechanics and technology, transport technology, forestry and lumber, renewable resources and media.
At present, it is a major multinational group with more than 250 companies.. The production and business endeavors of the companies within the group follow on and complement each other.

Within Agrofert Group Holding a.s, the associated companies involved in the chemical sector are European manufacturing leaders in the areas of  chemistry, fertilizer, agrochemicals and plastics.

In addition to Duslo, a.s., the chemical sector includes the following companies:

DEZA, a. s.
Fatra, a.s.
GreenChem Holding B.V.
Lovochemie, a.s.
SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH
Synthesia, a.s.