The history of Duslo dates back to 1958, when the foundations of the fertilizing plant in Sala were laid under the name of Dusikáreň Šaľa. Duslo has passed through several stages of transformation, the original production program has gradually expanded with plant protection products, dispersions and adhesives, rubber chemicals and special organic and inorganic chemistry products.
Since its creation , the plant has undergone several transformations. In 1994 a joint-stock company was established (Duslo, a.s.).

In 2005, Duslo, a.s. became part of the international group Agrofert Holding, a.s, and in 2005 Duslo, a.s. acquired shares of Istrochem and since January 1, 2006, Istrochem is part of Duslo, a.s.
Istrochem was one of the oldest companies in the chemical industry in Slovakia. The company was founded by the Swedish inventor Alfed Nobel Dynamite in 1873 as part of the Dynamit Nobel factory, later Dynamit Nobel, a.s.
After the nationalization in 1946, the name of the company changed to Dynamit Nobel Chemistry, later to Chemical Works of Juraj Dimitrova and since 1991 to Istrochem. In 2002, Istrochem became part of Agrofert Holding, a.s. and since 2006 has been incorporated into Duslo, a.s.
Duslo, a.s. purchased part of the production facilities in Chemko Strážske in 2007 and founded HNOJIVÁ Duslo, s.r.o., which merged with the parent company in 2016 and today works as a part of Duslo, a.s.

History at a glance:

1958 - The Duslo plant (Dusikáreň Šaľa) was established
1960 - The start of the industrial fertilizers production
1966 - The beginning of Duslo- the national enterprise of Šaľa
1981 - Starting production of rubber chemicals
1989 - The legal format of Duslo was changed to a state enterprise
1990 - Obtaining authorization for the foreign trading market
1994 - The establishment of the joint stock company Duslo, a.s.
2005 - Duslo became part of the Agrofert Holding Group, a.s.
2006 - Merger with Istrochem, a.s. (Istrochem: 1873 - Establishment of the Dynamit Nobel factory, 2002 - Istrochem, a.s. -Part of the group Agrofert Holding, a.s.)
2007 - Purchase of a part of production facilities in Chemko Strážske, establishment of HNOJIVÁ  Duslo s.r.o.
2016 - Merger with HNOJIVÁ  Duslo s.r.o.
2016 - Start of the building of the new ammonia production unit