Environment and health protection

Environment and health protection

Caring for all elements related to environmental issues is an essential part of ensuring the production efforts of the company and one of the most important criteria when setting a development and strategic goals within the company.

In 1996, Duslo a. s.  joined the Responsible Care initiative, which is a worldwide initiative for the chemical industry. Its objective is for continual care and improvement in the field of environmental protection, health and safety at work, transport and the use of chemical products.

Since 1998, the company has established and certified an environmental management system. The main principles of the company within the environmental field is to permanently comply and fulfill all legislative requirements and voluntary commitments taken by the company, and to gradually reduce environmental burdens.

All manufacturing operations are progressively systemized with Best Available Techniques (BAT), issued and validated by authorized permits. The measures taken to prevent and reduce pollution aims to achieve a general high level of protection for the living and working environment within society.

The responsibilities Duslo a.s possess to protect the health and wellbeing of the surrounding area and inhabitants are evident by continuous monitoring of air pollution. By continually using an automated measuring system, the company monitors and evaluates the air quality in the adjacent regions around the factory.

Duslo, a.s. also provides healthcare for its employees.. The company's goal is to create adequate working conditions, which includes employee health protections. Duslo, a.s. is licensed to measure and evaluate the state of artificial lighting on building sites and noise exposure. The assessment of employee health risks affected by their working conditions is ensured via employers health service, which has been set up within the company.

Via the Association of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry within the Slovak Republic, the Company cooperates fully whilst participating in the preparation for legislation amendments to formulate regulations that meet the protection requirements.

Under the current legislation on environmental protection, the company regularly provides monthly information to the public (Šaľa, Bratislava, Strážske) as well as the state and local authorities on the outdoor air quality in surrounding areas, wastewater quality, the quantity and composition of the waste generated, the emissions of significant sources of air pollution, the outcome of both continuous and discontinuous monitoring of the operations.

In accordance with the principles of public relations the company issues The Green Environmental and Safety Impact Report, which provides information on the company's environmental, health, chemical, occupational health and fire safety activities over the past year.

Suggestions and discussions regarding the company's environmental management within the Šaľa, Bratislava and Strážske region can be provided on the Duslo’s green line. The contact number is +421 31 775 2100.

Written suggestions can be addressed to:

Duslo, a. s.
Department of Environment and Health Protection
Administratívna budova, ev. č. 1236
927 03 Šaľa

e-mail: Richard.Katunsky@duslo.sk