Health and Safety at Work (HSE)

Our company pays great attention to all aspects of health and safety at work. This area is an integral part of our business activities at Duslo a.s. It focuses on maintaining and continuously improving safety standards in all areas, not only for company employees but also for contractors. The company has developed a system of security controls. The purpose of these controls is to identify potential accidents and thereby preventing actuality of those accidents.
Occupational health and safety at work is the first point of deliberation and is at the forefront of company’s management. Integrated Management System (SIM) is in place in the company and includes the OHSAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Safety Management System. The primary objective is to increase the level of occupational safety at the company, to promote an effective system of corporate management of health and safety at work and to support the company in fulfilling the necessary regulations of EU directives and the Slovak legislation.

Prevention for Major Industrial Accidents (PZPH)

The problem solving of PZPH or the standard emergency planning within Duslo, a.s. has a long tradition. In the event of a crisis - an emergency situation, a series of contingencies are in place to ensure the protection of employees, property and the environment.
In accordance with the application of Act no. 128/2015 Zz on the prevention of major industrial accidents, the amendment and supplementation of certain laws, a risk assessment had been carried out, in which possible sources of risks and dangers have been identified and documented. Based on this assessment, the inclusion of objects into the relevant hazard group (B) was performed.
The execution of this strategy is through the active use of the major accident prevention system within the Integrated Management System (SIM), its main objective is for systematic, preventive and responsible conduct of all employees at Duslo, a.s.

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Update to 21.03.2024

Program of Prevention for Major Industrial Accidents (PZPH):

Program of Prevention PZPH

Fire Protection (OPP)

Fire protection at Duslo, a.s. is ensured by the professionally competent individuals within the company’s fire department. The department provides basic conditions for fire safety and the conditions for effective protection of life, health and property against fires. This is stipulated by the laws of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 314/2001 Z.z. on fire protection and by Ministerial decree no. 121/2002 Z.z. on fire prevention. Competence of stipulating compliances with all requirements of the legislation or any other legal decree related to fire protection. Fire protection requirements are at the forefront of corporate governance with HSE.

Civil protection (CP)

In the area of civil protection, the company provides care for individual protection equipment and as well as for CP facilities. The fulfillment of civil protection tasks include the notification and cautioning of the general public and by monitoring the hazardous areas in the case of leakage of dangerous substances.

ADR / RID - transport of dangerous substances

Duslo, a.s. is actively involved in traffic and accident information system operations (DINS),and provides contingencies at the Slovak Coordination Center in the cases of extraordinary events regarding dangerous substances.