Inorganic chemistry

  • AdBlue®

32.5% aqueous solution of urea. The product is a NOx gases-reduction agent, which is necessary for the usage of selective catalytic reduction catalysts (SCR-catalysts) in motor vehicles with a Diesel engine.


An aqueous solution of ammonia containing 24-25% NH3.

  • DUAM® T

Liquid technical ammonia 99.8%.

  • DUAN® 50

The ammonium nitrate solution is a clear, yellowish liquid with no mechanical impurities. Slightly smells like ammonia, is diluted with water in every ratio, has a slightly acidic to slightly alkaline reaction.

  • DUAN® 60

Transparent or slightly yellowish 60% solution of ammonium nitrate.

  • DUAN® 90

Ammonium nitrate is clear solution (melt), after crystallisation create transparent crystals or grey to white granulate (powder).

  • DUAN® M210

Ammonium nitrate solution with urea

  • DUREAL® 40

40% urea aqueous solution for technical uses


Urea is product of ammonia and carbon dioxide synthesis .The final product without surface treatment, soluable in water and boiling ethanol, insoluble in ether .

  • DURET® T

Urea technical, prilled is a white prilled product with surface treatment, soluble in water.


Prilled urea containing min. 97% of urea for adult feeding of ruminants.

  • Nitric acid

An aqueous solution containing 53-60% HNO3 is intended for technical purposes.

  • Transheat 2000®

Solution of ammonium nitrate and urea used as an ecological means for removing snow and ice.