Dispersions and adhesives

The history of dispersions and adhesives production in Duslo dates back to 1968 when the first tons of dispersions under the  Duvilax brand were produced. Basic polyvinyl acetate homopolymer dispersions were gradually supplemented by new types in line with market requirements, not only on the vinyl acetate base, but also using other co-monomers (acrylates, versatates etc.). 

 Currently,  we are producing several dozen of basic types of adhesives and dispersions. Additional modified products are derived from them, often only for one customer. In their production we put emphasis on ecology, quality, individual approach to customer requirements and flexibility in supplies.

 Duvilax adhesives are applied in the following areas:

- Paper and printing industry

- Glass fibres industry

- Textile industry and production of carpets

- Chemical industry

- Production of paints, plasters and adhesives

- Building industry

- Timber and furniture industry

- Hobby segment

- Other, special possibilities of application

Quality is assured and confirmed by the certification according to ISO 9001, product certificates and protocols of accredited laboratories for specific types of dispersions and adhesives. Responsible approach to the environment and occupational safety are repeatedly reviewed through the certification ISO 14001 and 18001.

The collective of our employees is ready to ensure deliveries of our products according to your requirements. Long-term  experience and logistics background enable us to offer deliveries to different destinations and respond to your requirements flexibly.

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