Duslo Energy, s.r.o.

Duslo Energy, s.r.o, provides electricity for all Agrofert companies in Slovakia.


 The license has been granted by the Office for Network Regulation (URSO) for trade of:

  • Electricity trading

Business authorization within the energy sector


Documents to Download

Pricing decisions 


Electricity price list for small businesses


Quality standards:



Email: elektrina@duslo.sk
Tel .: +421317754138
Fax: +421317753008

Contacts for business and technical matters:

Ing. Jozef Petrušek, tel .: +421317753488, email: Jozef.Petrusek@duslo.sk
Norbert Ivanič, tel.: +421317752433, email: Norbert.Ivanic@duslo.sk

Contacts for billing and payment-s:

Ing. Anna Sklenárová, tel.: +421317753624, email: Anna.Sklenarova@duslo.sk
Beata Machalikova, tel.: +421317752399, email: Beata.Machalikova@duslo.sk

Emergency lines for distribution system operators (PDSs):

ZSE Distribution, a.s., te.: 0800 111 567
SSE Distribution, a.s., tel.: 0800 159 000
Východoslovenská Distribučná, a.s., tel.: 0800 123 332

PDS Customer Line:

ZSE Distribution, a.s., tel.: 0850 333 999, working days from 7-19h
SSE Distribution, a.s., tel.: 0850 166 007; working days from 8-15h
Východoslovenská Distribučná, a.s., tel.: 0850 123 312, Mon-Fri 7am to 8 pm, Sat 9-16h

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