A choice of suitable glue is conditioned mainly by factors of the glued materials themselves as well as by conditions at which it is used and, of course, it depends on a stress to which a glued material is exposed. When choosing an adhesive, we recommend in the first place to follow instructions shown on its label. First and foremost we notice a recommendation of producer for a concrete use.

A universal adhesive for a lot of applications will be more demanding to use in order to achieve a required effect. However, if you do not use it all, it will certainly be suitable for other gluing in future. Special adhesives, on the other hand, are excellently adapted to concrete requirements, however, their use for other purpose is a problem and we do not recommend it.

We purchase a universal adhesive when a glued area is small. When gluing large areas we definitely incline to special adhesives designed only for a relatively narrow assortment of glued materials. Do not forget that a price of an adhesive does not play any key role and is insignificant in comparison with the price of glued materials.

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