Production of carpets

One of important steps in technology of carpets production is the so called reverse side treatment. It is essentially application of a polymeric binder, filled with chalk or other inorganic filler and diluted with water to required liquidity, to the reverse side of a carpet textile. This treatment fulfils several functions. It fixes a carpet fibre in its original place, enables its good adhesion to underlayer, fixes it to a place of its location and imparts it a necessary weight.

Advantage of use of polyvinylacetate Duvilax dispersion as a binder for reverse side treatments is – in addition to its high affinity to carpet textile and filling ability – also its health and hygienic safety. Duvilax dispersions, used for this purpose, do not use any materials harmful to health, do not have unpleasant odour and do not release any toxic matters into surrounding after drying up.

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