Main products

Duslo, a.s. Is a stable long-term partner in the supplies of mineral fertilizers and technical products. With the latest technologies, we provide the production of ammonia and nitric acid. The production of these two products is the basis for a broad-based production of nitrogen fertilizer in granular and liquid form. Thanks to our fertilizer storage capacity, we are able to ensure the availability of products for a pre-season supplies as well as during main application season.

Our product portfolio also includes basic types of stabilizers and accelerators for tire manufacturers and manufacturers of technical rubber. Long-standing tradition of rubber chemicals production, based on our own know-how, certification according to ISO 9 001; ISO 14 001, OHSAS 18001, as well as certification according to the requirements of the automotive industry TS 16949, guarantee the ability to deliver high quality products.

During our long-term production of PVAC dispersions and adhesives, we place emphasis on ecology and quality. Polymerization of the basic types allows to prepare also the modification exactly according to the requirements of a particular customer and thus to create a product according to his needs.

More information is provided in specific product groups.